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LSR is no longer in development. Did you miss that fact on the LSR page?

Since I think I know where you get your tech support, just go with the
SpeakupModified Fedora. Everything you need is in there.


Hart Larry writes:
> Hi All:  I am thinking of nuking windows off my laptop--and considering 
> what screen-readers-and-speech will be most enjoyable?
> First of all, with the small size of lsr, is it a live CD similar to Oralux?
> Next, if I ran LSR would I also want a separate console screen-reader such 
> as speakup or YASR?
> In reading the lsr homepage-and-FAQ, I didn't think it was clear which 
> speech engines already come out-of-the-box?  It mentions support for 
> several, which I will paste, however, I will put a number sign in front of 
> ones I have already heard:
> Supported speech engines include #Festival, #Eloquence, Loquendo, Cepstral 
> Swift, 
> #Cepstral Theta, #Espeak, and FreeTTS.
> Now, they talk about testing both IBM TTSynth  and Eliquence, I thought 
> they are basicly the same voices?
> Now, in the 13-and-a-half-years I've had a PC, so far my favorite speech 
> has been Dec-Talk 4.2C and Eliquence.  Would I like any of these other 
> speech engines?  There was a US/Russian speech which came with Oralux which 
> I didn't mind.
> And lastly, would TT Synth work with YASR?
> Thanks so much in advance for answering these questions-and-sharing your 
> individual viewpoints
> Hart
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