volume for espeakt

Hynek Hanke hanke at brailcom.org
Wed Apr 2 08:49:12 UTC 2008

> Ok, but how come espeak-generic has a volume control?
It has the same volume controll as native espeak. This is the volume
level that you can influence from your client. The default however is
the maximum, so unless you have already modified this default for
a lower level, you can't go any louder. You can only make it more quiet.

If you mean the parameters of the module like GenericVolumeAdd and
GenericVolumeMultiply, these numbers can't be modified as they are
calculated from the ranges used by the two technologies (except if
the calculations are wrong, they should be fixed).

Maybe eSpeak doesn't use the sample volume fully or something, but
in principle, this is limited by nature of the samples and the applications
producing audio data can't go any higher than this limit otherwise
the sound will be distorted. The only way to increase sound volume
then is to raise your overall sound volume level in your mixer or use
some audio technology (which we are now missing) to simultaneously
controll the volumes on the mixer and the volume encoded in the
samples of the client applications as to allow independent control
over the sound volume level of the various applications.

I really believe the only real solution for now is to raise the overall
mixer volume level (PCM or surround or whatever) and lower the
output volume from other applications in use one by one. This problem
is of course not specific to Speech Dispatcher.

With regards,

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