MySQL Curses interface

Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Apr 7 18:05:03 UTC 2008

Yes, but that is command line only and requires knowledge of SQL unless 
you're talking about a client different from "MySQL Monitor" invoked by 
the "mysql" command.  I don't wish to learn SQL syntax just to do basic 
operations.  If you're talking about a different executable, please 
explain further as I don't understand what you mean.

T. V. Raman wrote:
> mysql-client should run from any shell --
>>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Baechler <tony at> writes:
>     Tony> Hi all, I'm looking for a means of working with MySQL
>     Tony> databases via a curses interface.  I looked through
>     Tony> Debian with all the keywords I could think of but only
>     Tony> found GUI clients.  The problem with the regular MySQL
>     Tony> Monitor is that it's very hard to use unless you know
>     Tony> SQL which I definitely don't.  I guess I'm looking for
>     Tony> something like phpmyadmin or mysql-admin but that
>     Tony> doesn't require a web browser or a GUI.  Do you have
>     Tony> any suggestions?  Any help would be appreciated.
>     Tony> Thanks.

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