MySQL Curses interface

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Yeah, you probably don't want your phpMyAdmin installation accessible from 
just anywhere. Making it accessible only from localhost was just an idea I 
had predicated on the assumption that you weren't already running a web 

Volumes can and have been written on securing apache. I haven't putzed with 
phpMyAdmin for a while and I don't recall what security features it offers. 
But some of the things you could do via apache are:

1. Make the phpMyAdmin site accessible only to certain IP addresses
2. Require a user ID and password to connect

Point #1 above would include making it accessible only from the localhost. 
Or you could tell apache to allow access only from the localhost and some 
static IP address like that of your workstation.  Here is how I restrict 
access to server status reports on an apache server to computers at the 
University of Wisconsin Math Department and to my machine at home:

<Location /server-status>
    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from

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> Actually, that wouldn't work unless I install another copy of Apache. 
> It's a business server with active sites.  If Apache only listens on 
> localhost, those sites go down.  If I can set phpmyadmin to only respond 
> to connections from localhost, that would help.  I definitely don't want 
> it available to the outside world because I've seen too many security 
> advisories for both MySQL and phpmyadmin to take a chance.
> John G. Heim wrote:
>> You could get around the security problem by configuring the web server 
>> to listen only on the localhost address, Then ssh to the 
>> server and run lynx connecting to the localhost.
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