Accessible time keeping/tracking

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Apr 10 10:26:43 UTC 2008

Daniel Dalton wrote:
> What does this python program do?

It was a quick hack I threw together in this thread

where Tom was looking for an accessible time-tracking tool.  If 
you've not used a time-tracking tool, it's good for, well, 
tracking the time spent on various tasks, making the assumption 
that at any given time, you're only working on one task.  Each 
task can be associated with a project, so your work-flow might 
look something like

   start project "Debunking", current task: research Easter Bunny
   start task "research Santa" (stops research on Easter Bunny)
   start project "Honey Do", current task: dishes (stops Santa)
   stop doing the dishes and do something fun
   start back on the "Debunking project" with the Tooth Fairy
   show me how much time I've spent on projects
     Debunking (current):
       research Easter Bunny: 3:15
       research Santa: 1:28
       research Tooth Fairy (current):  0:20
     Honey Do:
       dishes: 1:30

Things like this are often used for billing time to clients or 
just getting a handle on where your time is vanishing to.

My initial post of the tool

had a number of example use-cases in it.  It's hopefully fairly 
self-documenting both in the code and in the application output 
(as you can ask for help on any command).  It's got a feel like 
CVS/Subversion/Bazaar/Mercurial where everything gets routed 
through a single command.

Hope this gives a bit more explanation and that it's helpful to you.


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