Hart Larry chime at
Fri Apr 11 03:29:23 UTC 2008

HI All:  Well, I ran snownews, made a change in the browser file, so it now 
lynx %s
This now successfully goes to the articles, however, its just showing me 
essentially a screen-capture of the way a page would look in lynx, without 
printer friendly.  Are their other modifications in snownews which will just 
show me the straight articles, like an old gopher site would have?
Also, on another list, some1 mentioned some other similar tools.  Please list 
your experiences with these:
Straight command line/curses interface:
    1 snownews *
    2 raggle *
    3 theyoke *
    4 Newsbeuter
    5 wnews *
    6 rsstool *
    7 getrss
    8 myrss
Some of the reasons I want to begin useing rss  are some sites either don't 
have printer friendly pages, or they are javascript.  I think some at the local 
LUG really think rss will be just what I want
O, I think I looked at rawdog--and its complicated.
Thanks in advance for suggestions

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