linux - computer worrenty questions

Daniel Dalton d.dalton at
Sun Apr 20 07:12:31 UTC 2008


I really want to install linux on to my good computer which is quite 
I feel like I am quite confident with linux and want to use my 2.1 ghz 
computer with 1 gb of ram instead of a 800 mhz with 256 mb of ram.

The good computer is a hp.
So if I install linux to it (dual boot with windows) will this void my 
How can I see the agreement?

For example if my hard disk breaks and may be able to be replaced will 
they replace it if they see the partition table changed?

And who could I contact about getting a windows disk if I want one? HP? Or 
the shop I got the computer from?

Thanks for any help,

Daniel Dalton
<d.dalton at>

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