linux - computer worrenty questions

Tony Baechler tony at
Sun Apr 20 09:21:01 UTC 2008

Daniel Dalton wrote:
> So if I install linux to it (dual boot with windows) will this void my 
> worrenty?

Yes, probably unless your warranty specifically says otherwise.

> For example if my hard disk breaks and may be able to be replaced will 
> they replace it if they see the partition table changed?
Probably not.

> And who could I contact about getting a windows disk if I want one? 
> HP? Or the shop I got the computer from?

The shop since they sold you the machine. They would probably read the 
warranty to you if you explain that you're blind. Otherwise you would 
have to scan it like every other blind person unless you can find a 
sighted reader. You could look up the model number on the HP site.

There is another option. Remove the original drives and replace them. If 
you have some other hardware problem, put the original drives back in 
before you get it repaired. You could also make full image backups of 
the original hard disks and restore them if necessary. Personally, I 
wouldn't worry too much about the warranty because new computers are so 
cheap nowadays, at least in the US. If you're really paranoid, I would 
just buy a new hard drive and put that in instead of the original. In 
the US, a new large hard disk costs less than $200 depending on size and 
where you purchase.

I'm not trying to be the list police here but I don't think your HP 
warranty really fits the subject of Linux since that's between you, HP 
and the shop who sold the machine. On the other hand, HP sells Linux 
servers so you would have to ask, but generally I would assume that a 
new OS would eliminate your warranty. In the case of some Dell machines, 
they have a special, hidden Dell partition which is part of the boot 

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