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Daniel Dalton d.dalton at
Sun Apr 20 09:35:42 UTC 2008

On Sun, 20 Apr 2008, Tony Baechler wrote:

> Daniel Dalton wrote:
>> So if I install linux to it (dual boot with windows) will this void my 
>> worrenty?
> Yes, probably unless your warranty specifically says otherwise.

OK, I'll contact the shop about it then...

> You could look up the model number on the HP site.

I'll look if the shop won't tell me...

> There is another option. Remove the original drives and replace them. If you 
> have some other hardware problem, put the original drives back in before you 
> get it repaired. You could also make full image backups of the original hard 
> disks and restore them if necessary. Personally, I wouldn't worry too much

Well, wouldn't they be able to tell that I opened up the box?
And that may also void the worrenty?

So if I used different hard disks there would be no way of them telling 
what I did?

> about the warranty because new computers are so cheap nowadays, at least in 
> the US. If you're really paranoid, I would just buy a new hard drive and put


> I'm not trying to be the list police here but I don't think your HP warranty 
> really fits the subject of Linux since that's between you, HP and the shop 
> who sold the machine. On the other hand, HP sells Linux servers so you would

Sure, but I thought it was related since I was wondering if installing a 
version of "linux" would void most worrenties...
OK, I take your point and I'll ring the shop first and then try HP if I 
don't have any luck...

Thanks for your reply,

Daniel Dalton
<d.dalton at>

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