linux - computer worrenty questions

Tony Baechler tony at
Sun Apr 20 12:05:51 UTC 2008

Daniel Dalton wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Apr 2008, Tony Baechler wrote:
>> Daniel Dalton wrote:
>> There is another option. Remove the original drives and replace them. 
>> If you have some other hardware problem, put the original drives back 
>> in before you get it repaired. You could also make full image backups 
>> of the original hard disks and restore them if necessary. Personally, 
>> I wouldn't worry too much
> Well, wouldn't they be able to tell that I opened up the box?
> And that may also void the worrenty?
Yes, I'm sorry.  After I wrote that, I thought about it and realized 
that yes, opening the machine may void your warranty.  However, most 
computers are designed so you can add more or bigger drives, so just 
changing drives shouldn't matter.  This also lets you go back to your 
original, plain vanilla Windows install if you wish.

> So if I used different hard disks there would be no way of them 
> telling what I did?

As long as you put the original drives back or restore from a backup 
image of the original drives, that should be correct.  They could 
probably tell that you changed drives but that's about it.  Note: I am 
not a lawyer and this is not a legal opinion.  The shop or HP would be 
the ones to ask, but I've read that switching hard disks should avoid 
the problem.  That's what we did with all of the Dell machines because 
they only came with 20 GB drives at the time and had their hidden Dell 

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