Debian 2.6.24 Speakup kernel packages now available

Tony Baechler tony at
Tue Apr 22 13:21:10 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I have just compiled the 2.6.24-6 Debian kernel and created unofficial
Debian packages.  I used the kernel-package utility so these should be
close to the official Debian versions but with Speakup included.  I
built all synths as modules except the DEC-talk Express and the Speakup
core which are actually built into the kernel.  I'm making them
available for download if anyone wants them.  I have never compiled
kernels this way before but I think I did everything right.  The only
error I had was that they are not signed with gpg.  I would appreciate
it if anyone wants to test the kernel image.  If this is helpful, I will
try to build new kernels as security fixes are made available.  On the
build system, it took a very long time so this is not something worth
the effort if no one finds the packages useful.  The manual package
seems to be empty but there was only man page in section 9 on my system
so I didn't worry about it.  You can download the kernel source if you
wish but it is the same as that from the official Debian archives except
for the Speakup patches.  I did a git clone of the Speakup repo just
before building so all should be current.  The last commit to the log
was on April 14.  As always, I take no responsibility for any damage
these packages might cause to your system, whether real or imagined.
You use these at your own risk, but I plan to use them on my system.

The following url is not an apt repository.  It is simply a directory
with packages to download.  Their names should be obvious but you can
look at the .changes file if you need clarification.  Please try to use
the url if possible to save me bandwidth, but if that doesn't
work, you can use the second link.  Comments on the usefulness of these
packages are welcome.  I would like to know if I did something wrong,
but they looked right from the size and descriptions.  Also, mirrors
would be helpful and future help building new kernels would be
appreciated if this is a useful service. if the above doesn't work

Note that I'm fully aware that 2.6.24 is not the latest kernel version.
However, it is the latest currently available in Debian unstable and is
dated 18 April.  Check a Debian mirror if you wish.  I was surprised
that and 2.6.25 aren't yet available.

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