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Thanks for the link. In nano 1.3.12, which is supplied with my Redhat 
Enterprise Linux system, and presumably in later versions, if you do a 
global find and replace with control backslash, instead of putting the 
cursor on the string to be replaced, it puts it on the message Replace 
This? the actual string to be replaced is presumably highlighted, but 
my screenreader at least does not show where it is. So I can't use the 
conditional replace keystrokes, y n and a. I often replace only some 
things in a document, not all. Very useful in programming.


On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 04:51:25AM -0700, Tony Baechler wrote:
> John J. Boyer wrote:
> >A while ago I had a question about global find and replace - d how to
> >get the current version of nano to put the cursor on whatever is to be
> >replaced instead of highlighting it. There seemed to be no answer. I
> >have now found the source for nano 1.2.2, which does just that. It works
> >fine for my purposes, and I can send it to anyone who wants it.
> >  
> Hi,
> Have you tried version 1.2.4? It's available from Debian mirrors and the 
> site below.
> If anyone wants old versions of Nano going back to at least 1.0 and 
> probably earlier, just go here:
> I found 1.2.2 in the v1.2 directory. I have used versions in the 2.0.x 
> series and did not have the problem that this poster seems to be having, 
> but I don't do a lot of global search and replace. When I search for 
> something with ^W, it puts the cursor at the beginning of the phrase I'm 
> searching for. I wish it would put the cursor at the end so I can delete 
> it easier, but that's just me.
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