Ecasound Syntax Can you Listen to what you are Editing?

Janina Sajka janina at
Tue Dec 2 17:54:58 UTC 2008

This question is probably best asked on the ecasound list which the
ecasound maintainer monitors.

It's an ecasound question, not an accessibility question.


Martin McCormick writes:
> 	Is it possible to edit a sound file under ecasound and
> store the parts one wants to keep at the same time while
> monitoring the master?
> 	The documentation seems to state that you can send the
> output to multiple locations. In this case, one is the new file
> that contains a subset of the master and the other is the sound
> card.
> 	After a long evening of syntax war, the closest thing
> that will actually load is:
> ecasound -c -i input.wav -o alsa -o output.wav
> This silently copies the input to the output and, if you
> fast-forward X number of seconds, the output file has X number
> of seconds of dead silence before the sound starts. The start of
> the sound is at the right place but I am obviously doing
> something very wrong because I have never gotten it to both play
> and record simultaneously. The sound card is capable of this so
> if it can work, it should.
> 	Any ideas are appreciated.
> Martin McCormick
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