Ubuntu installation.

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Tue Dec 9 16:54:21 UTC 2008

"Anders Holmberg" writes:
> Is it screenreader support directly in the ubuntu installation when you 
> load
> it from the dvd?
> I have version 8.04 here on a dvd which i am thinking of installing.

	It should talk after activating the screen reader. I
haven't had much time to try it out yet, but I did get the Live
CD and boot it on a laptop. I waited until the disk slowed down
and tried Enter then down arrow then F5 then 3. The system
loaded stuff of the CD for about 7 minutes during which time
there was a tiny couple of drum beats and then a musical chord
containing more purcussion sounds and then, so far, dead

	That tells me the sound interface works but I must have
not hit the magic combination to get speech going.

The image I used for the live cd is the current live ISO image
from the ubuntu site.


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