Older Computers and New Speech Engines

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I've only just come into this thread, as I had my first go at Orca
yesterday with the aid of a sighted colleague.  From a basis of very
little experience, I'm guessing that Orca isn't loading automatically
when you boot up.  The music you get when the machine finishes booting
is a Ubuntu feature, not an Orca one.  The process we used to start
Orca, was to wait for the sound to play, then to press ALT-2, which
brings up the list of available applications.  If you then type orca,
and hit return, at least in the case of the distribution disk we used,
Orca should come up.


Tim Pennick 

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"Martin" writes:
> Have you had someone verify for you that Orka is indeed being loaded 
> after the successful boot up?
> Do you have a USB sound device kicking around?  Maybe it could detect 
> that.

	Excellent questions. I haven't had anybody look at the screen
yet. The boot process when Orca is loading is about 7 or
8 minutes long. You can hear the CDROM loading lots of files during that
time and the demo on blindcooltech played that same chord just before
the speech saying "Welcome to Orca" started.

	Also, afterward, the disk starts up every time I bring a finger
over the mouse pad and move it around.

	The USB sound card idea is a good suggestion. Thanks.


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