virtual box and video intercept problems

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Wed Dec 17 05:58:48 UTC 2008

Did you install the guest additions? If you do, you won't have problems.


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  Dear Christian, all,

  I finally managed to have an accessible windows installation inside virtualbox. Immediately after installing windows and the addons, installing jaws we get video intercept errors. Recreating Christian's setup after the addons are installed we install window eyes 7 which seems to install something additional for the video chain. Once windoweyes is installed proceeding to install jaws works fine and we have no errors. 

  Hope that this is some help to someone. Thank you,

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    Dear Christian,

    A while back we talked about running windows inside virtual box, I don't know if you remember but I have tried this now with several computers and jaws has problems with inserting the video intercept. I use the vboxgtk to create the virtual machines, I tried it both under hardy and intrepid (32 bit verisions) with virtual box version 2.0.6. As you suggested I installed the additionals which changed the resolution and enabled mouse integration but didn't seem to do anything for jaws. >From your previous emails I think you create new machines from command line, maybe there is something that I am missing, would it be possible for you to tell me the steps which you go through. The xp virtual machine is running with 1GB memory and 127MB of video graphics memory. After installing the additionals it is running true colour 32 bit at 800 times 600. The version of jaws that I am trying is 9.0. I don't know what further information would be useful. 

    Thank you in advance for your time,


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