Running Windows with Window-Eyes as a virtual machine under Linux?

Lars Bjørndal lars.bjorndal at
Thu Dec 18 09:26:18 UTC 2008

Jon <j.orcauser at> writes:
> If you still decide to give a go for virtual box and window eyes, please 
> let us know how it goes, it would be intresting to see if it was just 
> jaws, or if window eyes has the same issue with video intersept.

Window-Eyes works great with VirtualBox on top of my Fedora 9 box. I
start the virtual machine from the console running 'xinit
/usr/bin/VirtualBox -startvm <machine name>'. The only two minor
issues I've had so far, are:

- I'm using a Handy Tech Braille Star through USB. Although I kill
  BRLTTY before I start VirtualBox, I often need to re-initialize the
  braille display inside Window-Eyes to get the braille display
  working. To me, it seems that the USB port isn't freed early enough
  for the screen reader to use it.

- I can adjust the volume from my Lenovo ThinkPad X61's volume
  buttons. However, the lowest volume available is a litle bit too
  high. Going one step lower, turns the sound completely off.

I did need to install the GuestAdditions for VirtualBox before I could
install Window-Eyes. I did not test Jaws. The Window-Eyes verison I've
tested, is 7.01.

> On Wed 22/10/2008 at 06:38:42, Lars Bjørndal wrote:
>> Hello, list!
>> At work, I sometimes need to run Windows, although I'm using console
>> based Linux (Fedora 9) for my daily basis work. As I'm making set
>> files for Window-Eyes as part of my work, I sometimes needs Windows
>> with Office 2000 and other times Office 2007, for instance. I thought
>> therefore that using virtual machines, could be a good idea. So what I
>> would like to ask you, is if this is a good idea, and whether I should
>> use virtual machines under Linux, using Qemu, or should I use virtual
>> machines under Windows, such as VMware? Does any one have some
>> experience to share?
>> Best regards,
>> Lars
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