fc10 telnet install broken

Terry Klarich terry at klarich.net
Thu Dec 18 17:10:04 UTC 2008

Hello all:

It appears that the telnet install of fc10 is broken.  When the text telnet parameters are given on the kernel commandline, the
machine boots as expected.  However, Anaconda asks if you really want to use text install.  It trys to convence one to use the vnc
instead.  This information was obtained with sighted assistence.
>From my prospective, the machine boots normally, it asks dhcp for it's IP address and such.  The host then comes up on the network.
It is pingable.  However, nmap shows no ports open.  I thought I could just hit enter because I new the machine was waiting for me
to conferm I really wanted a plain text install.  Evidently, it goes into the install procedure on the console instead of a telnet
session.  The fc10 documentation says that telnet is still supported.

Anyone got any comments?

I tried unsuccessfully to upgrade this server with preupgrade.  Now, I have a server, with no serial ports (serial console), and
no way to recover with telnet.

does anyone know of any pci serial cards that will do com1..4 3f8, 2f8, irq's 3/4?

Thanks for any information you might have.


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