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Daniel Dalton d.dalton at iinet.net.au
Sat Dec 20 11:20:39 UTC 2008

> I think this is one of the greatest achievements.

Agree, I am very pleased, it is far from perfect, but quite good to get
an over view of what something is. Eg. I read a letter fine and got 95%
of the idea of it. Used news paper, and well probably 30% good, although
a bit big for the scanner so probably that's why. The images seem to
place random code in the doc (that's ok, some quick editing with emacs,
nano, vi or your favourite editor will fix that.

It can't read hand writing yet, but I'm hoping that'll come one day. I
really like it though, and since I have never had any ocr access since 3
hours ago, I'm very happy with it...

> A few days back some hacker on the orca list had sent me a script for
> doing ocr.
> I have some how misplaced it i believe and I would request for another
> copy.

Yep, I'll email it to you off list...

> I have one major question?  will any of the tools mentioned in the
> original post do rotation of the image if I place the page up side down?

Not that I know of... Although I would like this myself, I guess you
have a 25% chance don't you, and you should keep trying if fails...

That's my current solution, sorry

> I think most free ocr softwares can't do it but I will be pleased to
> know that I am wrong in my analysis.

Please correct me if I have mistaken

> I think we really need a howto from daniel for this.

No worries, please give me sometime and I'll gladly post an url.

Also, I forgot to attach the patch I wrote to allow tessaract to
compile... So here it is...

If you would like the svn server addresses let me know.

Hope that  helps a little, and I'll do my best on ahowto.


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