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Well there can be a number of things that can cause your Ubuntu or Grml
distro not to work.  The bigest one that comesto my mind is hardware.
Even though since I started using Linux in late 1999 as a fool around
machine I have seen some great improvements in a lot of areas including
the Ubuntu distro and Grml.  However, some times you can still have a
device which misbehaves or does not get probed properly.  Probing in a
Linux term means looking for.  now I am assuming it's probably a monitor
thing where your monitor is not getting detected correctly.  This is the
most common error I have seen myself and others please chime in with
other ideas.  The other things I have seen though is for instance the cd
won't run or the Dvd won't run and a rare ocasion on one machine of mine
i had actually seen it not go to the hard disk and that's probably
because it wasn't big enough.  Hopefully this answers a few questions
for you.

II would also take the opportunity to tell you that if you like messing
around and making changes with in your environment Linux is wonderful
for that and I happen to like to tweakmy systems.

Your other questions about viruses!  Now people may really disagree with
me but that's quite alright that's why they say different strokes for
different folks.  But no Linux is not suseptible to a lot of viruses at
all.  However, to cover your behind I actually believe it is best to
have an antivirus program.  One such program is called fprot and can be
ran as a cron.  Please don't ask me to explain cron!  Grin!  Actually
cron is similar to Task Scheduler but it's like 50 times as powerful.  I
do not use cron directly because my syntax for cron is lousy and I just
can't get the syntax down.  So I cheat if you want to call it that by
using Webmin which is found at:

Webmins is a web based administration piece of software.  if you do
decide to get Webmin lock it down through an ip lock which basically
means that you have only one ip address which can access the machine
with Webmin.  Webmin will work on Windows or anything because it is php
based I believe.  Well I'll shush for now and give the old Orca and
Speakup voices a break.  You know meso any questions let me know by Msn.


On Wed, 2008-12-31 at 17:29 -0500, Josh wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know why oralux and grml1.1 work, but grml 2008.11 and ubuntu 
> 8.10 do not work on my computer? Why do some Linux distributions work, but 
> others do not?
> or is there no definite answer to this? Also, how frequently or how 
> susceptible is Linux to getting viruses and rootkits and trogens and worms?
> Josh
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