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Let me just double check I am assuming your using Ubuntu 8.10 not 8.1

If this is  correct then you'll want to do the following:

1.  Untar the voice in a directory of your choice.

2.  Then you'll want to do "./".  This installs the voice over
in "/opt/swift".  Under "/opt/swift" you'll have a number of folders
depending on how many voices you have.

3.  Then you'll want to type in the directory where you either installed
the voice or over there in "/opt/swift/voice" " /uopt/swift/bin/swift
--reg-voice (voicename) which refers to the voice you have" or there is
another way also but I don't remember but it allows the name of the
voice to be dropped from the questions which are asked of you such as
your name, company, name of voice.

If youhave any probs feel free to write to the list or me at the address
in my reply to field. 

On Thu, 2009-01-01 at 12:08 +1300, Ivan Pivac wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Ubuntu 8.1 with espeak. I have downloaded one of the speech 
> programs from Cepstral but cannot discover how I can install it. Any advice 
> would be appreciated.
> Regards
> Ivan
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