shutdown vs reboot command

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Fri Feb 1 00:14:53 UTC 2008

If it won't shut down properly.  Just fucking shoot it!

Even a blind gujy knows how to build 'em. :-)

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>> Most of the time when I reboot my system I use
>> shutdown now -r instead of just reboot. What do you think?
> both should do about the same thing...I believe they're usually 
> all links to the same underlying executable and that the 
> executable sniffs what it was executed as to determine proper 
> behavior.
> I'm lazy and "reboot"/"halt" are both faster for me to type and 
> easier for me to remember, so that's what I use.
> If I need more precision for some reason (to shut down at some 
> time other than now), I fall back to using "shutdown", but most 
> of the time I just want to reboot/powerdown *right now*.
> -tim
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