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Sat Feb 2 17:33:08 UTC 2008

Wow, now this is a request and a half and didn't get to the end.  The blog
engines you mentioned can usually be found under Fantastico of a hosting
provider.  P-Machine is what is called  CMS or Content Management System and
I think there's a free one you can down load called CMSMS though can't now
remember what the second  MS is for.  An old and now unsupported version of
P-machine works extremely well and does everything you said - it was the
prototype before the company went commercial and try to disuade or distract
people from using this version and try and stop hosting providers offering
it.  It is a PHP application and does more or less everything you said and
it is as easy as you require.  I don't post to mine a lot though you can
take a quick look here - - which shows some of the
basic features listed.  The online file manager is one of the more useful so
I can modify files on the fly if I make a hiccup on one.  This is to say, I
can navigate my file tree (once logged in as admin!), select a file and it
will be loaded into a page in a text area where you can edit it,  then go to
the bottom and click save and whallah,   you've just fixed a bug!

I find PHP a useful language to learn and write some of this kind of thing
myself.  Someo f those efforts are here - which is
random selection from a large content collection and i'm now adding tools
like online calculator and dns lookup/reverse lookup amongst other things.
Mailing right off a page is quite straight forward in fact, without having
the risky mailto: link on the page.  This is all hidden in the PHP script
and this code can be locked and made invisible.  The client browser only
sees what the script sends to it.

But that's an aside,  I've given you suggestions to search for and the CMSMS
might be the most readily available to find and download.  They're at
something like or something like that.

Hth,  RobH.
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Hi all,

Am I better served with a commercial blog site like,, etc or can I do what I want on my own Linux server?

I'm running Debian Etch with Apache 1.3 and php4.  It will eventually
be upgraded to Apache 2.2 and php5.  If I go with a blogging site, I
don't want intrusive ads.  If I go with something on the server, I
want something fairly easy to set up and fairly basic but could be
expanded later.  I don't plan to produce a podcast right now but
might eventually.  What would be nice but not required would be a way
that I can email blog entries to a special address and be able to
login with ssh and just type out a blog entry quickly.  I don't want
a complicated web interface.  The idea is to write my blog entry
while I'm thinking about it, otherwise I forget.  I don't need
comments, trackbacks, etc because I would turn them off anyway and I
have too much spam already.  I want standards-compliant rss feeds
that can be parsed by any reader.  I don't care what language it's
written in but I have the stock Debian Apache package so I don't
think I have perl as a module.  Probably php is best.  If it allows
email blog entries, there would need to be a way to approve them as
being from me, again because of spam.  The idea would be that if I
must use a web interface, I want to quickly log in and be at an entry
screen.  I would be using Firefox under Windows and possibly
Lynx.  It would be nice to have something like a text editor for
blogs so I can just do something like "blog this," type something,
save and it rebuilds the rss feed etc.  I have minimal html skills
and I don't want to learn a markup language just to write
something.  It should be self-maintaining so I don't have to rebuild
the database, web site, etc.  A search engine would be nice but not
necessary.  I would like an "about the blog" section at the top of
all entry pages.

What do you suggest?  I've looked at the wordpress package but it
looks like it has security issues.  Should I look at a commercial
blog site or try a particular package on my own?
Tony Baechler
Baechler Productions

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