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Sun Feb 3 13:38:38 UTC 2008

marbux wrote:
> On Feb 3, 2008 1:14 AM, Tony Baechler <tony at 
> <mailto:tony at>> wrote:
>     Many CMSs look great
>     until they're installed and you find that a mouse is required or they
>     don't play nicely with Firefox and a screen reader.  
> A couple of resources:
> <> is a site that has a CMS comparator 
> database. One of the parameters tracked is the W3C Accessibility 
> Guidelines conformance level. The caveat is that most of the 
> information in their database is submitted by the developers and I 
> have not always agreed with their accessibility ratings. E.g., if I 
> recall correctly Tikiwiki CMS was given a rating far higher than I 
> thought it deserved after I got it installed. But this was at least a 
> couple of years ago; Tikiwiki may well have improved in regard to 
> accessibility guidelines compliance in the meantime.

I would agree with you about tikiwiki.  I had a good look at it.  The 
actual wiki pages were fine but it's the admin interface that's bad.  
Joomla and Mambo are other examples.  Joomla sites are fine with Lynxm 
IE, etc although I don't think they're W3C compliant.  It's the admin 
interface that's useless.  The developers have apparently no interest in 
fixing it, at least for Joomla.  Most of those types of W3C ratings are 
for page accessibility and don't cover the admin interface at all.  I 
know of one that also claims 100% W3C compliance.  It looked great, but 
the admin interface requires Java.  It gave instructions for installing 
Java on Linux.

> <> is a site that has dozens of open 
> source CMS online demos, all in their default installation 
> configurations without any extra extensions. It's a good 
> try-before-you-decide tool, particularly for accessibility issues. On 
> the other hand, not every open source CMS is available for 
> test-driving there.

Do they let you look at the admin interfaces or just a default install?  
Again, Joomla is great until you try to configure it.  Thanks for both 
sites, I'll give them a look.

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