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C.M. Brannon cmbrannon at
Sun Feb 3 18:26:28 UTC 2008

Tony Baechler <tony at> writes:

> OK, what is it?  It sounds interesting.  Have you used it?  Does it do
> what I'm looking for?

I think nanoblogger is exactly the package you seek.
Go to and skim the user manual.
Publishing of blog entries is accomplished via external commands (like
ftp, ssh, rsync, et cetera).  Thus, the fact that you're blogging on
your own local server is irrelevant.  All you need is a place to post
html content.
Nanoblogger only generates static html.  Features such as reader
comments are provided by third party modules.
Blog entries are stored in plain vanilla text files, and you can edit them
with any editor!  The metadata resembles MIME or HTTP headers.  It
consists of "key: value" pairs.  Here's a sample entry, lifted
directly from the user's manual.

TITLE: A New Entry
DATE: January 30 2004, 12:00 PM
DESC: keywords or a short, one line summary
<p>This is my new entry ...</p>

I haven't used it, but I plan on fetching it as soon as I send this message.

-- Chris

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