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Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Feb 4 08:33:59 UTC 2008


Thanks, but I don't think that's going to work.  It doesn't look like it 
does rss feeds at all and that's kind of the point of a blog.  I'm 
looking at a package called blosxom which works with plain text.  It 
looks like nanoblogger requires some html markup.  If I'm doing that, I 
might as well use WordPress or a CMS.  The point is that I don't want to 
bother with html markup.  My other concern at this point is 
accessibility, both in terms of the actual software (not much of an 
issue because it's on the web server) and in terms of the html output 
being readable with Lynx and text browsers.  Blosxom seems to do what I 
want while providing multiple flavours, so I can have minimal html for 
Lynx, more advanced html for everyone else and rss for feed readers.  It 
supports static and dynamic pages.  The only thing I'm unsure about is 
if it does podcasts but there are many plugins.  It looks a little old 
though.  I have both it and nanoblogger installed so I'll experiment 
with both.  I'm not opposed to a CMS, I just don't want something too 
complex to figure out.

C.M. Brannon wrote:
> I think nanoblogger is exactly the package you seek.
> Go to and skim the user manual.
> Publishing of blog entries is accomplished via external commands (like
> ftp, ssh, rsync, et cetera).  Thus, the fact that you're blogging on
> your own local server is irrelevant.  All you need is a place to post
> html content.
> Nanoblogger only generates static html.  Features such as reader
> comments are provided by third party modules.
> Blog entries are stored in plain vanilla text files, and you can edit them
> with any editor!  The metadata resembles MIME or HTTP headers.  It
> consists of "key: value" pairs.  Here's a sample entry, lifted
> directly from the user's manual.
> TITLE: A New Entry
> AUTHOR: foo
> DATE: January 30 2004, 12:00 PM
> DESC: keywords or a short, one line summary
> FORMAT: raw
> -----
> <p>This is my new entry ...</p>
> END-----

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