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Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at
Mon Feb 4 14:51:00 UTC 2008

If I remember correctly, Tony is running a version of Cygwin which is 
several years out of date. Statements about what it won't do should probably 
be taken in context.

Obviously there are things that absolutely won't compile; there are also 
things that absolutely will. One can throw out the baby with the bath water; 
I prefer to keep the baby for what the baby is worth, not expecting it to 
turn into a non-baby. For a beginner who won't jump right into compiling 
kernels the first day, Cygwin is a good learning tool, and for the things it 
works with it's a good use tool also. The concept is obviously not deemed 
valueless by its developers since multiple updates per week generally occur, 
most of them from generic sources.

Brltty worked on Cygwin long before it worked on DOS, and the DOS version 
still isn't really ready for prime time. (Samuel or Dave, please correct me 
if this is no longer true.)

Bottom line: Tony doesn't like it; I do. Pay your money (free!) and take 
your choice.

(I don't have any particular need for Kermit since I use ssh, but I'll check 
it out if I get a chance.)

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