SV: Linux without sighted help

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Wed Feb 6 18:31:45 UTC 2008

Well, I wasn't responding to you Karen at all.  I was replying to the
other poster wanting to know which distribution best supported
hardware synths.

As for the Dectalk Express probably debian or fedora but your
qualification about full support is open to interpretation.  Full
support to me is a text based console, however for others it would
include or maybe exclusively be 'X' support.  But I feel what you are
really doing is hedging because you've been asking silly questions
about this stuff for years and never actually got off your buns and
installed anything.  Try one and if you like it keep it.  If you don't
blow it away and try another one.  You could have installed every one
of them in the time you have been trying to decide which one to try.

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