SV: Linux without sighted help

Tony Baechler tony at
Thu Feb 7 09:09:05 UTC 2008

Well, since some answer is better than none, I'll say to look at 
Slackware.  I haven't used it since about 2000 but they said that they 
were committed to the blind and would always provide a standard kernel 
with Speakup enabled.  If that's still true or not I don't know.  Anoter 
option is Gentoo which had Speakup built into the liveCD kernel.  Since 
you use the same kernel from the live CD to do the install, that should 
work, but that's as of early 2005.  There's Debian but the standard 
distro doesn't come with Speakup enabled kernels.  You can get them from 
a Debian developer but I don't know if they get security updates.  If 
you don't mind building custom kernels, Debian is probably best because 
I think the first CD comes with Speakup.  I also use a DEC-Talk Express 
and Doubletalk LT.

Karen Lewellen wrote:
> So I ask again. If one is using a dec-talk express, and wants a fully 
> talking Linux distribution, who has maintained the best support for 
> this synthesizer?  I am using an original dec-talk express, not a USB 
> model.

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