playing short tune via beep

Martin McCormick martin at
Thu Feb 7 16:20:27 UTC 2008

Kirk Reiser writes:
>With the 2.6.xx kernels the pc speaker code has been moved to
>drivers/input/misc so you need to build it as a module or build it in
>there.  That caught a lot of people out when they made the change.
>You can fix it up with make menuconfig or make config.

	make menuconfig is exactly what I do so a thousand

	This is a very good feature to have because one can make
audible graphics so to speak such as a tone that gets higher
based on a value. Any hams on this list who have ever used an
audio gimic to read an analog meter to set a peak or who have
ever used a light probe know that sometimes, all you need to
know is whether a reading is increasing, decreasing or steady.
It's sort of the old kid's game of getting warmer or getting

Martin McCormick

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