Ubuntu and Speakup

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why not try grml? 

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> Hi all,
> I'm sorry if I'm asking a question which has been discussed before, but 
> I searched both ubuntu.com and Google without finding any definite 
> answer.
> I would like to try the live CD with Speakup.  I would also like to try 
> Gnome but my primary interest is in console access with a hardware 
> synth.  I saw a mention in the wiki that Speakup would be included but 
> nowhere were there instructions on how to boot the CD with Speakup 
> support.  I read here recently that it's possible to get a talking X 
> setup but that's not really what I'm after.  Is there a live CD with 
> Speakup built-in?  What CD image should I get?  I assume 7.10 desktop 
> but this wasn't stated anywhere.
> I ran into similar problems trying to figure out how to start the Debian 
> installer with Speakup.  The search engine is disabled and Google showed 
> hits either not in English, related to Sarge only, or bug reports but no 
> actual instructions on how to start the Debian install CD with Speakup.  
> I found definite mentions that Sarge and I think Etch do come with it 
> built-in but it was a bit vague.  I admit that I haven't thoroughly read 
> the installation manual etc.
> Finally, does someone have a download location for grml?  It looked 
> interesting but apparently the download page wasn't compatible with 
> Lynx.  I looked for links to .iso files but didn't find any, but I 
> didn't spend a lot of time looking.  I would like a US mirror.  I would 
> be using a DEC-Talk Express, 256 MB of RAM, and a 1.7 GHZ processor I 
> think.  Windows is the main OS and it's important that my data isn't 
> overwritten by a live CD.  I know live CDs aren't supposed to do that 
> but grml had many mentions of installing to a hard disk.
> Thanks all for your help.
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