Jim Green greens at
Mon Feb 25 17:30:49 UTC 2008

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the suggestions.  The man pages might have been usefull if
I understood what I was reading.  Did I mention, I'm a relitive
newbie?  I checked the info files on amixer, and they looked like the
man pages.  I don't have a set of speakers with volume controls.  I
plugged in a headset, and let it hang around my neck.

Instead of filling up this list with off topic questions, I'll get a
local LUG member to take a look at this.  Otherwise, I can always pay
the LUG member I paid to get this Oralux system in the first place.
Unfortunatly, one way to cure computer ills is to throw money at them.
Anyway, again thanks for your suggestions.


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