Martin McCormick martin at
Mon Feb 25 17:40:09 UTC 2008

	I don't have the system infront of me that has oralux
with speakup installed, but I did have the exact same problem.
The system in question has both the amixer alsa-based audio
mixer plus the older oss-based aumix applications on it. I was
able to change volume with aumix.

	The configuration for your kernel does allow for the oss
API as well as the recommended alsa modules so you may have
aunix and that should change your volume.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
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OSU Information Technology Department Network Operations Group
Jim Green writes:
> A friend in the local LUG burned me a CD of GRML.  I gave it a try.
> Typed grml swspeak, at what I thought was the right moment.  No sound.
> Waited a while-- about five minutes.  Typed grml swspeak, again.
> Presto!  It talked just fine, but way too loud.  Blew me right out of
> my chair!  The speakUp docs say:
> spk key_1 = vol_dec
> spk key_2 =  vol_inc
> I tried this, though had little hope; didn't work in Oralux.  Didn't
> work here either.  The numbers went up and down, but the volume stayed
> way too loud.  Anybody know a fix for this?  Thanks.
> Jim
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