Playing MIDIfiles under Linux

Lorenzo Taylor daxlinux at
Tue Feb 26 23:48:52 UTC 2008

Unfortunately, timidity does depend on freepats. In my opinion, this
should be changed by the package maintainers to suggest the fluid
soundfonts instead or possibly suggest either fluid or freepats, since
freepats is quite incomplete and is in fact not required for timidity to
run, whereas fluid-soundfont-* is quite complete and its full complement
of instruments is released under a free and quite liberal license,
specifically the MIT license.

For now, the best work-around is to either install the freepats package
along with timidity for now or simply use equivs to create a dummy
freepats package. Either way, a bug should be filed against the timidity
package to remove the dependency on freepats and make it and/or the
fluid soundfonts a recommendation or suggestion with a preference for
fluid. I can file this bug report, since I have a launchpad account and
I do consider this a bug in the timidity package since the fluid
soundfonts have been introduced. If anyone would like me to do so, I
will post the bug number to the list so that anyone who wishes can
subscribe to the bug.

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