Playing MIDIfiles under Linux

Lorenzo Taylor daxlinux at
Wed Feb 27 15:19:43 UTC 2008

I have filed a bug against timidity with Ubuntu. The bug number is
196135 and can be found at

Anyone who wishes can subscribe to this bug from the above URL. I think
you need a launchpad account to actually get mail from this bug, but as
I recall it just needs an e-mail address, name and password. AFAIK, you
don't need an account to look at the bug using the link I provided here.
The only concern I have is that it seems to contradict a bug filed in
2006 that says timidity should depend on freepats. I hope I have made my
explanation clear enough that there is no contradiction and the problem
can be properly fixed. As for Debian, since I am using Ubuntu I am
somewhat unaware of the state of vanilla Debian packages, so I most
likely wouldn't be a good candidate to file a similar bug report there.
But anyone can feel free to copy and paste my bug from Ubuntu into
Debian's bug tracker if the problem exists there, unless of course the
fluid-soundfont-gm and fluid-soundfont-gs packages don't yet exist in
Debian, in which case you will need to adapt my report to fit the

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