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what linux distros do colleges use? When i go back to school for information 
technology, what software will I be using in classes?


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> josh wrote:
>> but gnome will only run on newer computers, right? gnome and orca? if you 
>> want to use linux on an older computer you have to use the cli because 
>> XFCE desktop is not accessible yet.
> Even if it were, I wouldn't use it. Regardless of whether GNOME will run 
> on a computer or not, it's good to know how to navigate in the 
> command-line. Graphical environments are powerful and can often insulate 
> you from what's really going on, but let me tell you something. If 
> something goes wrong, or GNOME won't boot, or an update was applied 
> incorrectly, you're placed right back into the console. Learn the console, 
> and you can be comfortable with Linux just about anywhere.
> As for only new computers running GNOME, that isn't necessarily so. What 
> is old? What is new? I've seen machines with as little as a 4 GB hard 
> drive and 256 MB of RAM running GNOME and Orca. It wasn't great, but it 
> worked. Disable services you don't need, and you'll see that even in 
> GNOME, Linux is fast.
> - Steve
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