Playing MIDIfiles under Linux

Lorenzo Taylor daxlinux at
Fri Feb 29 16:43:14 UTC 2008

Sorry, can't help on either count. I know that on some soundfonts the
drums seem to have problems. Not sure how to fix this though. I'm not
even sure if this is a bug in timidity or just a misconfiguration, or
maybe something just needs to be configured to make the drums louder. I
do know that it is possible to use a different soundfont for the drums.
Simply add a separate soundfont line in timidity.cfg, just be sure you
put it after the initial gm/gs soundfonts. Every additional soundfont
you add overrides previous soundfonts where the instruments are the
same, so if you are using fluid and want to replace the drums, your drum
soundfont and the corresponding soundfont line in timidity.cfg will
override fluid's drums and still use fluid for everything else.

Also, I haven't ever used a sequencer, so I don't know what works.

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