Mandriva 2008 and accessibility?

krishnakant Mane krmane at
Tue Jan 1 09:22:06 UTC 2008

ok rob.
can you please give me link for downloading mandriva 2008 iso image?
I will try it and let you know.  I have huge bandwidth here and can
download the iso in 2 hours.
I am well aware that orca comes with mandriva, thus giving
accessibility for the gnome desktop out of the box.
but let me try if it is having any thing more from the latest orca.
On 01/01/2008, Rob Harris <robh at> wrote:
> Ok, thanks for this.  I'm fascinated by the real dedicated screen readers
> (and these tend to be the more efficient solution), but I was first
> intrigued just how useful or useable the in-built features were so that it
> could offer some access right out of the box so to speak.
> I was on someone else's XP machine only yesterday and only then wished I'd
> known more about Narrator so I had a modicum of feedback as the owner was
> not so hot at it. They learn more having to do it, but they struggle to keep
> up and find it stressful, so their attention span is thus reduced.
> RobH.
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> not tried though.
> but I am sure you can at least build orca and use it with espeak.
> if you are not aware of orca then please mail back.
> I use orca on a ubuntu 7.10 distro and I know it works with fedora
> too.  now firstly do you want to stay with command line or gui is to
> be understood.
> in the command line, emacs and emacspeak is like an entire world.
> and if you want to use the gnome desktop which I do personally as
> well, you can use orca which is a very feature rich and easy to use
> powerful screen reader, which is some what even better than jaws or
> any other screen reader on the windows platform.
> regards,
> Krishnakant.
> On 01/01/2008, Rob Harris <robh at> wrote:
> > Anyone using the talking accessibility features of Mandriva 2008?  Mrs has
> > it installed here and she mentioned it has some such functions, in the
> vane
> > of Narrator in XP/2k I think, but open to anything anyone can tell about
> it.
> > I've not upgraded since SW9 cli and Speakup on an old P3.
> >
> > Tia, RobH.
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