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Valiant (on laptop) valiant65 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 15:15:20 UTC 2008

I have no idea if this list is still cooking, the last archive was in 2004, blah. But I'll fire this one and see if it works lol.
I have a soney Vaio laptop which of course came with windows, windows vista for that matter. Well, I also got a ubuntu 7.10 cd, the live cd that you can boot from and then install from if you wish. So I been playing with it, first time I ever got it working, tried it on other comps but heh. So I have sound, video and I can fiddle with orca's settings, but the major issue is, when I plug headphones in, my internal speakers on the laptop keep on outputting sound in addition to my headphones too, any idea what to do about that?
My sound card is a Realtech, and ubuntu thinks I have two drivers, one's an Intel hd something and the other one is the Realtech. The sound appears to be the same for both except that the ESpeak voices weren't changing properly until I switched to Realtech.

If anybody answers, keep in mind that I haven't yet used ubuntu for 20 total minutes, I'm an above average windows user but I'm gonna be pretty dumb about this subject for a while I expect, may need step by step instructions instead of things like go to sound control panel, where's that? lol.
Thanks in advance folks *grin*.
Aaron T. Spears (valiant) 
EMail: valiant at mailshack.com and others 
MSNMessenger: a1t2s3_89 at hotmail.com 
AIM: computeruser89 and skype: aarontech.valiant 
Beta Testing System Information: 
soney Vaio VGN250n . Intel core 2 duo 1.66ghz . 2,048 mb ddr2 SDRAM (667 mhz) . Intel graphics . Realtech audio 
Toshiba 160gb 5,400 rpm hdd (Microsoft Windows Vista business)
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