Quick question before I do something silly?

John Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Thu Jan 17 17:21:41 UTC 2008

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> Hey, John:
> John Heim writes:
>> I got a bootable diskette with FreeDOS and jaws for DOS though. So I had 
>> it
>> so that my PC would come up talking when booted from a diskette
> Any chance you'd be willing to share a dd image of that disk? Even if
> you removed JAWS, it would still be helpful to see the configuration.

Sure -- , except that I'll have to recreate the FreeDOS version. When it 
didn't work for installing Windows, I tried again with real MS-DOS. For some 
reason I couldn't get that to work either but I don't remember why. I think 
the version of MS-DOS I happen to have doesn't support FAT32 at all.

But I'm fairly sure I can recreate the FreeDOS version by simply making a 
bootable FreeDOS diskette and then copying the files over. I believe that's 
all I did to  build the MS-DOS version from the FreeDOS version.  I don't 
have any time tonight but I'll get to it this weekend.

Oh, one catch... The complete jaws for DOS  package doesn't fit on a 
diskette. I deleted all the drivers except for those for an external 
doubletalk. So it isn't going to talk for you unless you have a doubletalk.

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