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John Heim writes:
> Thanks. That's pretty close to what I was hoping for.
> I'm setting up a bunch of servers that  I'll be monitoring via nagios and 
> snmp. The nagios server is in my office so i want it to beep distinctively 
> depending on what is wrong.  I guess i'll have to experiment with beep 
> until I get what I want. I started doing that but it's kind of a pain. So 
> examples like yours help.


When I was creating these, I had a list of frequencies that
corresponding, approximately, to musical pitches. So, I would simply
invent melodic fragments and play with durations until it seemed about
what I wanted.

> I've also been toying with the idea of connecting a modem to the nagios 
> server and having it call my cell if something is really, really wrong. I 
> could easily get it to dial the phone but I have no idea how to send some 
> kind of audio file. i would imagine that's possible since telemarketers do 
> it all the time.
Do you ave accessible texting on your phone? You might more easily use
a SMS gateway to send a text message. If you did that, you wouldn't need
a payload in any telephone call. Your modem reinging your phone could
simply function as an alarm. And, you'd know who the call came from via
caller ID, so you'd know to check your SMS for the situation message.


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>> I'm cleaning out my mailbox and came across this somewhat old post ...
>> John Heim writes:
>>> I'm writing a script to alert  me if a server gets too hot. I'd like it 
>>> to
>>> play a couple of different short tunes via the beep command depending on
>>> the temperature. Anybody have any beep recipes?
>> I define the following in my /etc/bashrc, then simply use wherever:
>> alias beep0="beep -f 330 -l 100 -d1 -n -f 277 -l 100 -d1 -n -f 330 -l
>> 100 -d 1 -n -f 440 -l 330"
>> alias beep1="beep -f 55 -l 40 -d 1 -r 3"
>> alias beep2="beep -f 988 -l 180 -d 33 -n -f 831 -l 110"
>> hth
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