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Willem van der Walt wvdwalt at csir.co.za
Mon Jan 28 07:19:49 UTC 2008

Unless you plan on doing a lot of new kernel builds and stuff, you can do 
well with software speech.
Espeak is a software synthesizer which is now a days very popular.  It is 
miles better than flite and supported by all the speech applications like 
speakup, emacspeak, orca etc.
There is a sapi version for windows so you can give it a spin there.
See http://espeak.sf.net/test/latest.html for the latest version.
You can also these days buy a version of IBM Viavoice now knows as 
ttsynth, from Janina and elsewhere.
As far as Linux distributions go, the easiest ones to get going with 
speech seem to be Ubuntu 7.4/feisti and grml, but you can get software 
speech going with most linuxes if you put in enough effort.
HTH, Willem

On Sun, 27 Jan 2008, Neil Foster wrote:

> Hi
>  I am returning to linux havign lost my sight adn need to get speech output.
> The best way seems to be via speakup with a hardware speech synth. The
> problems I have are.
> 1) Can you get external hardware speech synths that wil work vai usb porst
> 2) does speakup support usb ports?
>  I need it to work via usb ports as my laptops only have usb porst. I have
> heard that you can get serial port/usb converts usb ports are obviusly fast
> enough and capable enough if hardware manufacturers watn to provide the kit
> and feel there is a market for it but will this appear as a /dev/tty port
> without special drivers?
> Not bothered about the speech outptu quality that much . I've used flite on
> win xp and assuem its the same on linux beign the same source coes and
> although not good its understandalbe which is the point after all.
> Thanks
> Neil Foster
> but am not hat impresed with what the likes of flite output, 
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