Linux without sighted help

Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Jan 28 09:16:26 UTC 2008

There are other VMs out there that will work under XP or even Windows 98 
but they aren't as stable and are far more difficult to use.  You can 
try Bochs or Qemu  With the 
later, there is a free OS zoo with many prebuilt disk images, but they 
won't be designed for speech.  I never got my serial port working with 
either one so you would be limited to live CD images with software 
speech.  Bochs is supposed to emulate serial but I never got it to 
work.  Finally, you can look for Microsoft Virtual PC 2005.  It's older 
and will expire after a trial period but will work on XP Home.

Imbar Golt wrote:
> Thanks I am running xp home, so I guess it won't work.
> Imbar
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>> running XP Pro or better, try Microsoft Virtual PC.  You can boot 
>> virtual CD images that way and that might work.  Your best bet would 
>> be software speech since XP does weird things with your serial port.  
>> Just make sure to emulate a virtual sound card.  Note that I haven't 
>> actually tried this but I got a FreeDOS boot floppy to boot this 
>> way.  You could also try VMWare, Bochs, and Qemu but I've had the 
>> best luck with Microsoft Virtual PC.  Note that VPC won't run on XP 
>> Home or Windows 9X.
>> Imbar Golt wrote:
>>> Please I need something that won't boot from a CD, since I don't 
>>> have sighted help to change the boot sequence.  If there is any 
>>> distribution or virtual consol that can work under windows or boot 
>>> when Windows is already on the computer?

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