Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Jan 28 09:27:03 UTC 2008

You didn't give your location or your country so it's hard to answer.  
Also you didn't say whether you want dial-up, DSL, cable, or other.  
I've heard things about shellworld.  I think they are but 
I'm not sure.  I use Cox cable here and they're fine for me.  I'm not 
sure what you mean about the junk they indulge in.  Either you connect 
to a news or pop3 server or you don't, so I don't really see what Lynx 
has to do with it.  I assume you mean that you want their web site to be 
accessible with Lynx.  In that case, you're probably out of luck.  I 
know of no ISP who will email statements.  Almost all of them will be 
web-based via a control panel or billing system.  I think Cox is that 
way but it isn't my account so I don't know.  Perhaps a better way would 
be to just go with whatever ISP you have now that's cheap and get a 
separate web hosting account.  Even if you don't have your own site, you 
would get a better email server and a probably more accessible web site, 
control panel, billing system, etc.  You could try TRK Hosting in that 
case but I never used them with Lynx.  I 
think you are expecting too much by wanting a floppy disk mailed to you 
every month and I really don't see that happening.  Another idea would 
be to pay for a year at a time with an ISP or web host.  That way you 
only get a statement per year.  The best for that is fatcow which gives 
you a spam filter.  I used both of those hosting 
companies at various times and they were fine, depending on your needs.  
Since this doesn't entirely relate to Linux, maybe you should write off 

Neil Foster wrote:
> Does anyone know of an isp that is blind friendly. ie. Will provide 
> statements in an accesible format preferably by email or as text file 
> on floppy disk. Has a website that is text output friendly ie. will 
> work with lynx for console users where you can get the pop3, smtp and 
> news servers without all the other garbage that they seem to indulge 
> in and also provides webspace.

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