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Neil Foster neil.foster2007 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jan 28 10:23:34 UTC 2008

There are obviously problems with a hardware speech synth but you can run it 
with any os eg. freedos or evne old version fo windows if you need it for 
any reason eg. you can't get at hardware such as cmos settings in win xp you 
need to do it in linux or an older version of windows such as 98., put it on 
other computers etc it doesn't ned a ton of drivers loaded to get it goign 
just chuck the text out the serial port which is dead simple to do. You can 
boot of a floppy which are stil very useful. YOu can't boot of a usb peen 
and I still do work on pc's that don't have usbor evne cd-rom. Also if you 
need to work on a pc that you dont' know the sound card on your knackerd 
with software speech synthesis. The only thing you can do in that 
situationis to write a probe of somesort to investigate the hardware find 
out the soundcard and modprobe the drivers. also the hardware speech synth 
doesn't take a ton nd harlf of memory and processing speed.

I don't quite see the point in usign a graphical interface I'm blind and 
graphical interfaces are for the sighted loonies who seem to think that you 
can program a computer with pictures instead of algorithms, and logic, I 
didn't see the point in the things when I was  sighted and dont' see the 
point tin in the things now.

They are slow cumbersome inefficinet diffuicult to program, reduce 
productivity of the user bloody stupid idea takes a business man like bill 
gates to popularise the thigs, that said I have to admit that things like 
file selection lists can be useful. you can do better pipign stdout into vim 
or whatever and dpassing through filters to genrate commadns to do what you 
want. The gui is a bloody daft idea.


Neil Foster

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> You would be better off using software speech, as Speakup doesn't have
> access to USB ports and as I understand it, converters don't
> work.Speakup does work using software speech, and orca does as well, the
> difference being that Speakup only works with the text shell and orca
> works with the graphical Gnome interface including the gnome-terminal,
> which will run all your favourite text applications and shell commands.
> Depending on your distribution of choice, either should be easy enough
> to get going.
> Live long and prosper,
> Lorenzo
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