Linux without sighted help

Tony Baechler tony at
Wed Jan 30 08:45:11 UTC 2008

This is misleading at best.  cygwin is not a Linux emulator.  It will 
not run Linux executables and there are many programs that will not 
compile even though they run fine on a real Linux system.  The Linux 
kernel comes to mind, you can't use a native Linux kernel under Cygwin.  
It simulates functions found in *nix-like operating systems through a 
dll but it is not true to say that it is an emulator.  This is not to 
say that it doesn't work as I use lynx under Cygwin often, but if you 
really want the full Linux experience, Cygwin is nowhere close.

Lee Maschmeyer wrote:
> There is a Linux emulator you can run under Windows. I guess there are 
> several but the one  I'm familiar with is cygwin ( If 
> you have a couple GB of free disk space you can install everything; it 
> provides a pretty good system - slower than real Linux but usable.

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