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Thu Jun 12 20:43:27 UTC 2008

Hi Anders,

Yes, Cygwin is accessible for us, especially with brltty. The installer is a 
bear. I finally figured out how to work it using Jaws braille, but with the 
little bit I learned about WindowEyes braille it wasn't nearly as complete. 
I don't know if I would ever have caught on using speech. (But that might be 
influenced a bit by my being deaf...)

If you've got about 3 GB of free disk space you can install everything. This 
is easier and, imho, more reliable. If you don't have or want to spend that 
much you can try to figure out the specific components you'll need.

In any case, start with the default installation. This gives you a Bash 
shell and some tools. After that you can install everything (look at the 
User's Guide for instructions) or the specific packages you need. Trying to 
do it all in one shot has never worked for me which is why I suggest a 
two-stage process (and I think the User's Guide does too).

Good luck,

Lee Maschmeyer
Computing Center Services
Computing and Information Technology
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan, USA
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> Hello!
> Is this cygwin accessible to the blind?
> I really woud ike to try compiling brltty as a windows aplication.
> /Anders.
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