Calling Cygwin Experts

Tony Baechler tony at
Tue Jun 17 09:40:37 UTC 2008

John J. Boyer wrote:
> I'm preparing versions of the components of my braille transcription 
> engine using Gnu autotools. One of the platforms I'm testing it on is 
> Cygwin, running under Windows XP professional. I'm logged in as 
> Adminsstrator. When I type make install I get "permission denied" 
> messages. The first is for installing documentation in /usr/share even 
> though the directory is owned by my adminsstrative username. What causes 
> this and what can I do about it?


As Samuel says, this is more appropriate for the Cygwin lists.  There 
are extensive archives which are easily searchable with Google.  
Secondly, you really need to read the manual which should be in 
/usr/share/doc/cygwin.  I am not remembering the name right now but it's 
the installation manual or some such.  It has several sections on 
setting permissions and access controls under XP.  It's not just a 
matter of creating an admin user.  I suppose it's possible that you 
might have locked out the admin account from writing to the 
\cygwin\usr\share directory or the \cygwin tree but that's doubtful 
unless you were changing security settings.  Google is probably your 
best bet here though as there are several years worth of Cygwin list 

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