Terminal screen reader

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> Well. Round2. I tried the readers, but neither one knew espeak. Can you 
> tell
> me WHAT reader can use espeak, and how to configure them. My friend says
> (who needs that app), he made espeak+speech-dispatcher working last time,
> but that was where he did  go.  To be honest, he asked me to ask a favor
> from you. Can anybody write how to get a working terminal reader with
> speech-dispatcher and espeak?
> (As you can see, I'm not that experienced with screen readers, nor with 
> this
> technology. I'm not blind, thats why. My friend cant speak english, thats
> why I writing these questions and mails, thats all. Thanks for your
> understanding.)

I think that what you want is this page:

You might also consider joining the speakup list at  speakup at braille.uwo.ca.

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