screen: cut and paste

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sat Jun 21 12:19:36 UTC 2008

> Oh ok, how do I append? Or did you say that already?

While in scroll-back mode (the control+A left-sq-bracket) mode, 
press the letter "a".

The man-page on screen details a lot more of the scroll-back 
capabilities in the section on "copy".  If "less" is your 
man-pager, you can use


to search for start of the section in the man-page.  There are a 
lot of other features such as controlling line-joining, copying 
various-shaped blocks (rectangular, character-wise and 
line-wise), showing line-numbers, append-mode, writing to the 
"screen-exchange" file, and swapping which end-point the cursor 
is on.  I don't use most of them, but it's helpful to know 
they're there.


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